Thursday, 29 August 2013

Covet of the week

There's a few fabrics I really, really really want.....

First, doesn't this lovely Nani Iro hemp x cotton blend look gorgeous? Just like an expensive ice-cream. I think this would look beautiful in a drapes top, so am now saving my pennies.

I'm also firmly on the Nordika bandwagon, Jeni Baker's collection is scrummy, but I fancy a skirt from this one....

Of course there is also the last Ruby Star collection from Melody Miller and these arrows will no doubt end up in my collection...

And last but not least, I need to find who is going to stock Alison Glass's fantastic Sunprints text fabrics in these fabulous colours - just asking to be made into a Triangle City block or two...

Edited to add.... Just discovered the text fabrics in 'coming soon' on The Village Haberdashery.... Now I can go to bed happy!


  1. Me too - I can't wait for the text fabric to be here :)

  2. I emailed Annie this week to see when the sun print was coming in, I am desperate to get my hands on it!!


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