Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Losing it....


Work colleagues of mine have a critically ill two year old son, currently in Great Ormond Street Hospital. He has had 6 major brain operations so far, with more to come, and his parents were recently told he had around 20% chance of survival. It's so tragic and certainly puts your own troubles into perspective.

In D's name, there are going to be various fundraising activities around the company, and the one I'm involved with is a sponsored slim. Between 1 October and 30 November, which is 9 weeks, I am aiming to lose 18-20lbs. I've already refused ice-cream for dessert tonight, just to show how determined I am!

It sadly won't help D much, but it will be a worthy contribution to the hospital who are caring for him so amazingly well. If anyone would like to sponsor my efforts, please drop me an email.



  1. I will certainly sponsor you Pennie. Love'n'hugs to your work colleague.

  2. oh, how incredibly sad. Put my name down for the sponsorship.

  3. An incredibly worthwhile cause, GOSH have performed absolute miracles with my colleague's son. Please add me to your list.


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