Friday, 11 January 2019

A little accountability....

I'm sure we've all seen the meme on Facebook or Instagram this New Year about a resolution to finish the things in 2019 that I started in 2018, having bought the fabric in 2017 and the pattern in 2016, and had the idea in 2015..... you get the picture.

Well, I have a confession - I am a starter of new shiny things....... and I know I am not alone in this. So this year, in an effort to get all the things I've started to a point where I might be able to a) call them finished and b) gift them to the people they've been promised to, I decided the 2019 #finishalong was exactly what I needed. 

So far I have 30 things on the list, but I have divided them up across the quarters. Here's the things for this first quarter:

1) Anna Maria Horner quilt
The top is finished, it needs backing, quilting and binding, and gifting to my sister.

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7) Range backpacks
I have 6 of these in progress, which stalled for various reasons since the summer. They need to be finished and given to their intendeds.

8) Booklet Pouch
To be a Christmas present for my niece Emma - that's Christmas 2018! Due for delivery on 22nd Jan, this is the number one priority.

9) Sloth cushion
This has been a top for over a year, it is now at least quilted and now needs making into a cushion and gifting to my niece April.

10) Atomic Starburst quilt
Another 2018 Christmas gift, for my partner's brother's partner's daughter, Kacy-Leigh. I'm slowly working through quilting this, then just binding to go.

11) Aaaaaand another 2018 Christmas gift
I have the fabric and pattern for this but that's as far as I've got - this is for Kacy-Leigh's sister. (Before anyone thinks I'm a rubbish some kind of step-auntie-in-law, I gave both the girls a clue block for Christmas which I've done with another niece in the past and which worked well then. Not so well this time, neither of them could even remember seeing them this year..... )

12) And last but by no means least, wedding bunting. For my youngest sister who is getting married on 6th April, and I need to make 44m of bunting and around 100 napkins for her....

Now, I understand that may not seem many to those of you with 20+ items on your list, but I think this is a quarter for me to be realistic and focused as all of these HAVE to be finished before the end of March and I can't afford any other distractions.

Now, did I mention I was a starter of new shiny things? Well, in the interests of full disclosure, I started the FAL in 2014! I just checked that one post and luckily, none of the things on that list are on my list as it stands today. But only because I'd totally forgotten about one of them when I made my list last week, and it is still a WIP so will appear later in the year. What I'm trying to say is, you have my full permission to pull me up and slap my wrists if I let this slide again.


  1. So you've finished everything that was on your 2014 list bar one? Well that's a good start! Good luck with it all, I'm looking forward to seeing the booklet pouch 'ta dah' post on 21st January!

  2. That backpack is so darn cute! Whoever gets one will be so lucky.

    I also really like your Sloth project.

  3. I love all your projects! The AMH quilt is beautiful. It's great to see big pieces of her fabric together. The range backpacks are also so adorable. I need to look into that pattern. much to make and so little time, right? I kept my projects for the FAL to just 2. I know I won't get more than that done this quarter with work and other garment sewing. Good luck and happy sewing!

    1. Thank you, its definitely going to be a struggle to fit them all in!


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