Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Shame, shame, shame

Back in the days when I was a PA and when we went on to have our own business, I was an organised person. Slightly less so these days (ok, stop spluttering, I CAN hear you!) but one area where I have always been hopeless is post. Where post is concerned, I am the worst friend / sister / daughter / auntie going.
Things are never on time, if they arrive at all. But it is my resolution for 2014 to get better at it...... It's not going entirely well so far....
Which is why I am hanging my head in shame while showing you this gorgeous beauty which arrived on my doorstep last week. The lovely, kind, generous, organised Emily, of Love Strawberry Patch fame, sent me this scrummy peg bag as a joint birthday / sorry-we-didn't-get-to-meet-up-while-you-were-in-Cornwall gift.

We won't talk about what I owe Emily in the post, or for how long I've been leaving it on the side as I trot out of the house, or bringing it back home in my handbag from work, or schlepping it all the way to Cornwall, only to be foiled by the weather.
And in spite of being the worst friend in the universe, Emily even made me my very own pair of Melody Miller pants!!

I got up early this morning so I could wash the bed sheets and hang them out before I went to work, just so i could nestle my pegs into this spotty lining. Who wouldn't want to dangle this on their rotary line?

Anyway, I have now packaged up what I need to send Emily, along with a certain something that I know she is coveting, and which I hope will restore my level of friend status to 'not so bad'!