Wednesday, 3 October 2012

WIP Wednesday

Just a quickie today, if the mobile will handle the link thing!

Happy to say I have finished hand quilting the raw edge circles, so today I'm deciding on a binding.

Yesterday I made a start on putting Megan's quilt together and got the pink side done..... Except when I drew it out I didn't allow for seams, so it's a bit smaller than planned.  No drama though, as I reckon it'll look great with a plain pink border to frame

Hope the picture worked! Linking up with Freshly Pieced.


  1. This looks so pretty!
    I like your new banner head on your blog!
    Hope you are having fun on your holiday!


  2. Borders are good to 'stretch' a quilt and this one looks so nice. Di x

  3. It looks fabulous Penny! x

  4. Really cute! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday on my day hosting!

  5. What a pretty quilt :) I love the layout!


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