Sunday, 13 January 2013

Last Christmas...

I promise this will be my last Christmas related post for a few months! I spent this weekend with two of my sisters, exchanging Christmas gifts as we didn't see each other during the festivities. I managed to finish some gifts for them in spite of the grumbly machine, and we got some lovely things in return.

Somewhat poignantly however, there were gifts from my mum. She was always very organised, and so there had been presents all bought for us, although not wrapped. Amongst the stock pile of things found, more amusingly, were set after set of Christmas chutnies! We've no idea who they were for....

We received a lovely ceramic garlic roaster and super-industrial garlic press. Because of our catering business she nearly always bought us food or cooking related items. Needless to say, there were tears!

One legacy she has left us is a determination, now we've lost our family's 'hub', to make more effort to spend time with each other - we're all so busy and geographically dispersed its not always easy to find time to get together. But we had a wonderful weekend with all our dogs (6 people, 4 dogs!) & we've already got the next gathering planned.


  1. Oh Pennie, I can't imagine the mixed emotions of your weekend - the garlic roaster is a smashing present and will remind you of her long after the chutney mountain has been consumed xxx

  2. How nice that you could all spend time together. My mom was our 'glue', our 'hub' as well and I know the importance of getting together as a family - so glad you can all find the time. xx

  3. I thought about you a lot over Christmas and hoped you were doing ok. A time that's so happy for many is also very sad as we remember people no longer with us. I think it's pretty special there were presents for you all from your Mum. xxx

  4. for my mum "family is everything" was her mantra. It's hard to me to get home these days but when we all get together it can bereally cathartic (and quite frightening for the menfolk!). Hugs x


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