Saturday, 27 April 2013

What a surprise!

So, today I was happily doing my shop-keeper act, helping out Annie at The Village Haberdashery - I've been there 3 weekends having a whale of a time while Annie gets to know her beautiful new son, Harvey.

Imagine my surprise when a rather large contingent of Kinky Bee ladies arrived in the shop, and proceeded to stay, chat, and buy substantial amounts of fabric! Altogether they were in the shop for about 2 hours, and it was lovely to meet some new faces and also to chat with others I'd met before, including Moira, Liz and Di (gatecrashing from Lincs!).


  1. 2 hours is why I couldn't join them at the shop plus my bank balance is awfully low (hahaha). I met them at Libery's before they headed off to VH. Glad they had fun and did some shopping!!!

  2. aww, shame I couldn't join them, but I was in birthday party purgatory ;-)

  3. It was such a happy bonus for us to make it to the Village Haberdashery.
    So glad to have met you in person Pennie.
    Such fun.

  4. It was such fun to see you and Annie. The VH is such a dream shop - I would love to keep shop too! Di x

  5. thank you for your lovely hospitality too x


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