Monday, 14 May 2012

What to do.....

So, I have the evening to myself with the dogs.  Time for a quick poll....

do I:

a) curl up on the sofa with TV / book, a lovely cuppa, piece of OH's homemade cake and 2 tired, wet spaniels for company

b) go and make the Plan Bee 2012 wonky log cabin block I need to finish before the end of May

c) make another 241 tote

d) have a play with one of these high-falutin' pic software thingies and redesign the blog image

e) go through my sewing room pulling out stuff I need for the retreat before trying to work out where everything else is going to come from.....

Answers on a postcard to..... (or alternatively in the comments box below.)  Lines will close at 8pm, votes made after that time may not be counted and you may still be charged......


  1. C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. no surprise there then! As the one and only voter, I guess your wish is my command..... photos to follow (cos I forgot to photograph the first one, ha, ha, ha)

  2. Oh, I was going to say A! Perhaps A after C? A cakey reward, and more energy to do everything else tomorrow.

    1. I did a combination of both! Unfortunately, there's far too much of the cake around the house, and more has been consumed today :-)


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