Thursday, 1 November 2012

November, already.....

Well, October was some month!  It started with a two-week holiday in Cornwall where I spent a good percentage of the time looking out of rainy windows while I stitched away at various projects, and it's ended with some major steps towards life changes for us. Phew, busy times!

Anyway, your positive thoughts and crossed fingers did a brilliant job earlier in the week, I am now less stressed and hopefully taking big strides to a happier life. So thank you for your lovely, friendly support.  But more on that another time...

So, in October, I got this lot done

Not quite as much off my 100 day hustle list as I'd have liked, but a few bits and pieces.  Seems like I'm going to have to roll my sewing sleeves up now and get stuck in before it's too late.  Christmas is galloping towards me and i'll have less free time now, so will have to make the most of every spare second.  

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  1. love the raw circles quilt, but you know that already!

  2. Like your pouches, the denim one especially!

  3. You made plenty of lovelies and changed your life! So you did well. I'm feeling smug about the 100 day hustle as I've done about 12 of my 17 items. That said it'll all go horribly wrong and I'll prob not make another thing in the time limit lol

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous Makes! I think my crossed eyes may have been the ticket to your success yesterday ;-)

  5. I think holidays and new starts all crammed into a month deserve three cheers, and with beautiful makes too - you did good my friend xxx

  6. Everything looks fab Pennie. Roll up those sleeves - you and I have the biggest 100 Day Hustle lists out there I think. We have our work cut out!

  7. October disappeared into the dust without my sewing machine seeing much light of day. Your makes are great - I especially like the denim bag:)


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