Friday, 21 June 2013

A model Melody aeroplane....

I suppose it's the same the world over - every time someone designs something, we feel the need to try and amend it in some way - hopefully for the better. A few weeks ago I saw someone had tweeted a smaller version of the Aeroplane bag, and I was so impressed I started to hatch a plan...

I had intended to make a full size version to take my sewing machine to the Retreat, but while I was waiting for an LMQG sewing day for that one, the idea of a model aeroplane, as it were, started to develop.

I have some lovely Melody Miller Ruby Star Sparkle heavier weight fabric-you saw some of it for the Super Tote last weekend.  A small straw poll confirmed that the blue/green phones would go well with the aqua viewfinders, and so the pieces were cut and off we went.

I printed the pattern off two sheets to a page, and then adapted the follow on measurements to fit.  

This bag has a lot of interfacing, and as the fabric was heavier weight, and as it isn't payday till Monday and I didn't have exactly what I needed, I improvised!  I used headliner fabric in place of the Annie's Soft and Stable - which is when my beloved Janome started to let me know she wasn't a fan of the project!  I had no Peltex, so I used a very stiff fusible something or other - it's worked, it's very thin, so added no thickness to the seams, but I have no idea what it's called!  And I did away with the Shape Flex or any similar replacement altogether!

So, as you see from the photo above, I cheated again with the straps, this time with some jute webbing, which picks out the glittery gold stars on the phones quite nicely.

I picked a Zen Chic grey for the lining, because it had the same kind of creamy colour in the rings as the background of the phones, and I thought the rings echoed the viewfinders.  I put a small zipped pocket on one side and a divided patch pocket on the other side for my phone.

Now, I am guessing the small size didn't help my cause, nor did the fact that I chose to use a chunky zip.  And I love the chunky finish.  But it was an absolute sod to put in!!!  I got very, very cross.  And Janome really didn't help.... she had a right old strop, and in fact we are not friends at the moment - she might not get her nice new Aeroplane carrier at this rate!

But, after much swearing and tugging and re-stitching, and over-stitching, and unpicking and doing it all again, and working out how the heck to not sew the wrong bits to the other wrong bits......


And here it is with a mug for's about 9.5" high and 13" wide. Cute, eh?!


  1. Very cute indeed. I like your choice of fabric too. I will spy you out at Retreat to have a wee gleek st it. Di x

  2. Perfection!!! I was thinking of reducing the pattern too - now I know it can be done!!! I still don't know which fabric to make mine out of....

  3. having seen the one Di made (which is gorgeous BTW), I thought that the patter would work better in miniature so as Amy rightly says perfection!

  4. Gorgeous, I thought a small one would be fab to match the big ones, love your fabrics

  5. Yes I thought a small partner one would be fab, well done love the fabrics :)

  6. its fabulous, the fabrics look great together!

  7. Looks gorgeous, I love the fabric.

  8. eeeeeeeeeep!!!! it's so cute!


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