Sunday, 23 June 2013

How bloody annoying!

Yesterday, I snapped up a metre of gorgeous, silky new Stof to make the perfect English summer top. I've read loads of blogs and even seen books promoting how many things you can make with a metre or yard (which is smaller, slightly) and so I was hopeful I could whip up a little shell top.

However, maybe I've just been incredibly dense (which is entirely possible) but after much wrangling and re positioning I've discovered all those blogs and books have one EXTREMELY IMPORTANT word missing:


I am literally less then 10cm short in one area while having acres of spare elsewhere.


  1. Oh Poo! I'm always frustrated by how many times I buy a metre of fabric thinking oh one day I'll use that for a simple skirt of shell top only to find all the patterns require far more than the mythical metre people bang on about you needing!

  2. Pants!!
    (Actually, pants are about all you can make with a yard!!) xxx

  3. Go for a contrasting hem?

  4. that is ******* annoying, what about a couple of pairs of knickers!

  5. Well you have the fabric so do you think that you could join at all. You have loads of fabric in the wrong place that you could pattern match with…. other than that pants are the way forward!!! Di x

  6. Make a one-sided off-the shoulder top.... ;)


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