Monday, 15 July 2013

Another productive weekend...

I have had a busy few days, sewing wise. On Monday, I realised the birthday I've had since Christmas to make a quilt for was less than a week away! Cue some slightly panicked piecing, some less panicked unpicking, and some late nights - 1.45am in particular on Thursday.  I understand the birthday boy was so pleased with it he has insisted on taking it to bed with him tonight - cos you need a quilt in 30' heat!!

So having got that delivered on Saturday morning, I decided I would have a go at a full size Aeroplane bag to carry my sewing machine to Retreat.  I had some Glimma canvas - well, after coveting it back here, it would have been rude not to buy it when it came into stock - and having done some measuring, decided a normal size would be perfect.

It didn't start well. Janome had complained bitterly when I asked her to sew the headliner foam for the model aeroplane, and she was not pleased to see it return. No matter how much I tried to placate her with promises it was all for her, she spat her dummy and the headliner and canvas came to a knotty tangled end.  When I tried to unpick it, the canvas just disintegrated. Swear words were exchanged but then I had a brainwave. I had some lightweight HeatnBond and so I used that to fix the canvas to the headliner - perfect.  

Next came the base, and as I once again had no Peltex, I used headliner foam and an extra layer of duck cotton. I decided this time to cut the headliner slightly smaller and hold it in place by basting the canvas to the duck cotton..... Nope, fraying again got in the way, and so I stitched vertical lines about two inches apart, effectively quilting the base. Have to say, it might have been a 'fix', but it actually looks good - I like the extra texture.

Other than completely losing the plot with the pocket, and so ending up with the lining upside down,

and being so peeved I decided to forego the other zip pocket, the only other hiccup was the zip. Now, I spent 5 hours altogether making his bag, including cutting out, but about half of that time was spent wrestling with the zip, and I have to say, the blinking zip installation is the reason why I won't tackle another one. It is an absolute beezum - and believe me, those are not the words I used yesterday - and I can't believe there isn't a better way to do it.

Anyway, it's done now, and after an initial heart-stopping, 'it doesn't fit' moment, all is fine.

So then, having nothing else to do... (That is so not true I can't begin to tell you) I decided my life would not be complete without a skirt made from Ruby Star Sparkle telephones. Had I known then what I found out later, I might not have been so quick to use so much of my treasure, but hey, too late now. This is an a-line skirt, and I'm not convinced it isn't a little TOO a-line, so I might alter it yet.

Today was spent getting my stuff ready for Retreat, and then this evening I had a little play at some paper piecing. I don't find foundation paper piecing easy to say the least, so the first one took me nearly an hour! Luckily the second was much quicker.

All in all a busy, hot, weekend. I suspect there will be little sleep being got tonight too as it's so warm again


  1. Wow well done - the quilt looks fab!! And an Aeroplane bag again? You rock girl!

  2. OMG you are such an over-acheiver - LOVE it!! and if I thought for one minute I could fit my arse in that skirt, I would be nicking it at retreat ;-)

  3. most impressive! I love your skirt :-)

  4. Wow you have been super busy making all those fab things!
    Di x

  5. Your creativity is wonderful .. inspiring in fact x

  6. Gorgeous skirt! Also, your nudge to try shirring was very successful, thank you so much :-)

  7. I read that post too and wondered if making an MM weekender was the way forward #toolate. Loving your work, penny x

  8. I've made two aeroplane bags and I agree the zip is a pita. There must be a better way, but I am not clever enough to figure it out.

  9. I happen to like the upside-down lining :)

    The quilt is cool - maybe that's why he wanted to take it to bed on a hot night :) I'm glad he loved it so much.


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