Monday, 10 February 2014

Where the heck did it go...?

So, I don't know if it's the endless grey weather, teeming rain and general wetness about the place.....Or tiredness at returning to work after 6 weeks off.......

Or the effects of the anti-anxiety meds I am on....

But I've lost it..... no, not my sanity (although it could just be 'not my sanity THIS time') but my desire to sew.

It's gone.....

Left the building....

Have searched everywhere including the fridge and the medicine cabinet which is where I usually find things I lost.

It needs to come back soon though, because I'm missing it.



  1. I hope you find it soon. Take care and be kind to yourself xxx

  2. It has probably buggered off to somewhere warm, dry and sunny - I'll go search for it if you like!

  3. Time to take up fishing?! Might give you time to sit and ponder warmer, drier pastimes ;o)

  4. What? Your sew-jo is MISSING!!?? Better bake some brownies and head to my house so I can help you look for it.... Or poke a sewing needle into you to inject it back in...???

  5. It will come back, eventually. I came back from FQR last year full of inspiration and by the end of the week my desire to sew had gone and I didn't sew for months. I'm back to sewing every day now, so I'm sure you will be too.

  6. Hang in there. It will come back. I've gone through these phases a lot over the past 18 months or so. It's odd because you want to be sewing only you can't quite find the motivation or inclination. Perverse but true. :-/

  7. Think it has eloped with my Mojo, little devils

  8. Mine went for weeks after Christmas the destash and the chance to have a jolly good sort through my fabric sent me rushing for the machine to sew up my heather Ross once I realised I loved it so much I had to sew it up there I'm then and not wait a second longer! I'm so glad because it was starting to scare me a little that I didn't want to sew. Hope yours isn't far off and will be back soon xxx


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