Monday, 9 April 2012

Busy weekend

After my sewing fest on Friday, I decided I had a few things to tackle in the sewing room - namely this:

Off I went to IKEA - yes, on Easter Saturday!  Have to say I was pleasantly surprised, and thanks to the research done on the website first and a skillful swerve away from the markethall area, I was in and out in under and hour.  Once home, I set about emptying the sewing room of the accumulated bits of furniture and boxes and yes, rubbish!

So all that frenzied activity left me with this, a nice clean empty work table.  After a little bit of a DIY false start, eventually I had the right tools and spent a very happy day yesterday sorting out bits and bobs and putting them in pots and boxes.  And then building flat pack, putting up shelves and rails and ending up with this:

Never too old to play 'shop'!  Thanks to Michael at Tricolette for the idea.

New floating shelf with new boxes.  Patterns and books at the other end

fab hanging pots mean that everything is now off the table, except the sewing machine, so lots of fantastic workspace
Still a spare bedroom too, so Sherbet Pips Munki quilt is now gracing the bed

An extra hanging rail behind the door - the Next bag is full of wadding scraps!

All that's left to do now is hang a couple of mini quilts to add some colour and inspiration!

I'm really happy with my new space, especially with the fact I did it all for under £50!  The rails and hanging pots were a bargain from the IKEA kitchen section, although I suspect the pots are being discontinued as they were reduced from 59p to 5p each! Seems a shame if they are stopping them, as I can think of hundreds of uses for them, and they come in all sorts of colours so good for the man's shed and garage as well as kids' rooms.

Last night I did some more work on the 'Not the LMQG Challenge' quilt, and I have to say I'm really, really liking it.  It's still not going to be the entry, but I'm not so unhappy with it now.  Today I'm going to be spending a lot of time doing some maths, and drawing out the plan for the quilt that WILL be the entry, so that when my new fabric for that arrives in the week I can just get started.  (BTW isn't it amazing, with all that fabric in my new shelves, I STILL didn't have  the right material for the challenge!)


  1. marvellous organising, madam! I love those hanging pot things - I used them for pens above my daughter's desk a couple of years ago and they are fantastic!

  2. 5p - holy smokes that is the bargain of the decade!! I would have bough 100 of them! [and that's why I rent and external storage space away from the cottage!] Loving your new creative space. My wee space needs a makeover...

  3. God bless Ikea ;-). It looks fantastic Pennie.


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