Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Feeling 'sew stitchy' this week.....

So, when I posted about my lovely birthday on Sunday, there was one thing I left out.  The excitement levels made me think this little piece of news deserved it's very own post.

I got a little gift.....

..... from Aneela.....

I was beyond excited, although I might not have shown it too much at the time as I was driving!! 

These are pieces from Aneela's new collection Sew Stitchy, which for those of you who haven't seen them on her blog are themed around sewing.  The gorgeous pieces here include pins, embroidery and chain stitch.

I have the perfect project lined up for them.

I had a lovely new Janome for Christmas from a very generous Santa, and thought it does come with it's own uninspiring white plastic hard cover, it mostly spends its time sitting on my sewing table stark naked!

What better use for a sewing themed fabric than a funky sewing machine cover....

So, I have a couple of other things to get out of the way, not least 9 pairs of curtains (!), but once they're done I'll be getting started.

Huge thanks to Aneela, and I just hope I'll do her gift justice!


  1. ooooh lucky you!!!! Those fabrics are gorgeous!

  2. Bugger the curtains, get on with the machine cover ;-)

  3. I am so jealous!! Time for me to covet fabric on your site! I love that little pin print.

  4. How lovely and oh my! how green with envy am I. How great to get those from Aneela xxxx


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