Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Covet and ye shall find.....

Well, I know strictly speaking it should be seeking that does the finding, but that doesn't fit in my week of coveting!  Look what Annie has running over on the LMQG blog.... only a giveaway of a free place on Katy's course!  Of course, what with all my coveting, and working in the shop, I can't enter.....  oh, the irony!!!

Anyway, wiping my eyes and moving on, here we go with day 4. Like many of the quilting community, I'm a little hooked on the texty fabrics which seem to be everywhere these days. I really love the vintage newsprints here, which are from the Collage and Objects in Vintage ranges.  

The more modern fabrics are The Land That Never Was - Fairy Tales, and who doesn't love a good fairy tale. I really fancy a Schoolhouse Tunic/Shirt made out of one of these.


  1. You do know that 'I want, doesn't get' don't you? Well, that's a stupid saying - keep at it, and you might get lucky! xxx

  2. Annie is bringing these fabrics in? YUM!!!


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