Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Covet of the week, day 3

Ok, Day 3 of the celebration of the dangerous new opening hours for the best fabric shop I know.....

I thought I'd have a bit of a diversion from fabric today - don't want to get boring after all - and have a bit of a covet of one of the fantastic new classes scheduled this month.

Who wouldn't want to go and learn at the knee of one of the quilting community's true characters, who has an enviable collection of tattoos, a 'husbeast', and call's herself a ginger monkey??  I mean, imagine what a person like that could teach you in two days!

I'm scared of HST's but I love some of the blocks they make, so I really want to go on this course with Katy Jones, and not only have a great time, but overcome my fear.

More details can be found on Katy's blog and also on the shop site, so  make sure you get your place booked quickly while there's still room....

photo courtesy of Katy Jones


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