Monday, 20 May 2013

Update on a covet

So while I was in the shop this weekend I got chance to fondle and drool over the beautiful Glimma range that Annie now has in stock. Not only are there the scrumptious quilting cottons I mentioned here, but there are 4 gorgeous solids in lovely dusty colours, a couple of spotty linens, and some canvas - just perfect for THE latest bag pattern, the Aeroplane.

I was fairly taken with the colous on the little iPad screen, but in the flesh they are something else - the flannel grey has a hint of heather to it, while the slate is a rich intense stormy grey.  

So get yourself over to Annie's, either virtually here or literally over in West Hampstead, and get it while it's hot.  Just please remember to leave enough of the dandelion for me and my aeroplane.


  1. You are such a te press. I am looking forward to seeing your aero plane bag! Di x

  2. That canvas does look the biz xxx


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