Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Getting ready to convalesce in a treasure trove...

I'm a terrible patient!  From mid-August I will need to be off work for a whole month, and when combining my huge levels of impatience with my control freakery tendencies, it's going to take something pretty amazing to keep me out of the office. (Granted the inability to drive will help - I will be quite easily left stranded!)

Anyway, I am making a list of projects to work on to try and keep me busy.

Firstly, towards the end of this month, beginning of August I should be able to get my sticky mitts on the much coveted Ruby Star Vinyl and I have a couple of things in mind for that. Thinking about that made me remember I needed to go and check if The Village Haberdashery's pre-sale offer is still on....

while I was thinking about that I got an email from Annie about Cherry Christmas, another covet, and if there was anything I specifically wanted.... 'where should I start?' I thought. So off I went to check the website and see what there was to choose from...

While I was there, I started exploring - what else could I find that would be useful... I started thinking about my two on-going projects, one a Christmas present for someone, and the other my colourful, migraine-inducing raw circles quilt!  They both need wadding purchased for them so I can hopefully have them in a suitable state that i can do some hand quilting on them during that month.  Lucky for me Annie has that in stock too, and just the right size, much more reasonably priced than I've bought it in the past, too!

Then I spotted the embroidery and needlepoint section.  I was thinking about taking some embroidery into hospital with me to while away the 3 days.  I've got a Sew Stitchy plan for my niece's quilt which would include some embroidery of Aneela's designs, but I don't think that fabric will be here in time.  I wondered what kits Annie had, and was besides myself with excitement to spot these Emily Peacock 'Kiss' and 'Hug' kits - I've been coveting these since I saw them on the Kirsty Allsopp TV program, but I thought I'd missed out on them.  Not sure I can afford the two of them, but might stretch to one to keep me occupied!

What can I say?  It has become clear this afternoon that whatever you need for all kinds of projects, Annie is your woman!  Her customer service levels are second to none, and your stuff is sent out super-quick in fantastically cheerful dotty bags that you just can't help but smile at.  So if you're a fan of internet shopping or have never tried it before for your fabric and quilting supplies, do go on over and give The Village Haberdashery a try.  

I, meanwhile, have to go off and negotiate a small mortgage so I can place my order for all the things I just won't be able to get through August without.....


  1. I've not shopped with Annie yet she has too much tempting stuff and I'm really trying to be a bit good. Good Luck with your op and the recuperation!

  2. whatever helps, love. Whatever helps.

  3. Love those needlepoint cushions! x

  4. Sending hugs :) Good luck with everything. And you are 100% right there - Annie's shop is a lovely shopping experience :)


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