Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Happy Elephant....

I recently discovered the delights of Etsy. Admittedly I had tangled with it in the past when I tried to use it to sell stuff (unsuccessfully on that occasion), so more accurately I should say I discovered the delights of buying fabric on Etsy.  And to be even more accurate, I should say I discovered the delights of finding an Etsy shop that stocks all sorts of hard to find fabrics that I've been drooling over but thinking I'd missed out on buying.

I found this little shop Blije Olifantije which I always want to call Blue Elephant, but apparently it means the Happy Elephant, which is obviously much nicer!

I found a whole load of stuff I've been hankering after, such as Denyse Schmidt Katie Jump Rope, Cosmo Cricket Tape Measures, and Melody Miller's View Finders. It's where I also tracked down the Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush fabric from which Charlotte made me the uber-impressive Kaleidoscope Crush mini quilt which you can see on her blog here.  (I'm very excited to say I should be taking delivery of that very same mini this weekend - yay!  Not to mention having the opportunity to once again attempt to steal the Love emblem mini.....)

Kit was really, really helpful. condensing my purchases down into 1 parcel to save me on postage and instantly refunding any over-spend there.  She was also very, very patient when as an Etsy virgin I followed up far too eagerly to see why my purchases hadn't arrived yet!  As it happened, by coincidence they arrived that afternoon, and I was delighted to find Kit had also included two little extras, just for me!

It's well worth a browse through The Happy Elephant, to see what's available.  I've had to hide my purse in the car whilst researching this blog post so as I can't hear my credit card calling....


  1. What a lovely selection.
    I daren't even go and look atm. I have to stop buying fabric for a while.
    Looking forward to see what you make with them.

  2. I want *all* of the fabric, dammit!

  3. I've done lots of shopping with 'The Happy Elephant' before in fact it was where I bought most of my beloved Mendocino! There are lots of fab shops on Etsy. In fact until Etsy I'd have never believed that I would purchase from over seas but Etsy makes it far far too easy!

  4. Ohhh very cool - might have to take a look!


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