Friday, 13 July 2012


So, today being Friday 13th, I managed to drop my sizeable bunch of keys - car, house, office - down the inside of our office staircase necessitating the removal of large number of items from under them and the actual back of the staircase....

What bad (or good) luck have you all experienced today???


  1. hmmm. Yogurt down the front of my dress work for you?

    1. yep, that's making me feel slightly better!

  2. eeeeep! It's all good so far here, but I don't have a problem with the number thirteen (I was born on the 13th, although a monday). Fingers crossed!

  3. Today I managed to fall off a 3 foot high brick wall while walking the dog in the woods near a reservoir. I bashed my knee really severely and it is an amazing colour already and swelling up nicely, thank you very much. My ankle isn't feeling too good either. But on a positive note, I fell off into yucky soppy squidgy mucky wet gross mud - a nice soft place to land so I did not wreck my elbow which was what I broke my fall with. No one saw thank goodness - that would have been too much to cope with!

  4. Oh and I got two blisters from the wellies I was wearing too!! And I NEVER get blisters!


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