Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Is it just me....

...or has this now become a quilt of two halves?  I made this little beauty a bit bigger, which meant adding in some new blocks made with fabrics I didn't have when I made the first lot.  

So of course that meant weaving them into those already laid out and doing some significant rearranging. then I decided I didn't actually like some of the new 'filler' fabrics, so I took those out.... 

then I decided I'd made it a row too long, so I took that off.....

then I decided I'd tried to make it too matchy when the first part went out of it's way to have every quarter block different colours and patterns. So I did some more rearranging.  

And this is what I have now, along with an absolutely stonking headache!
probably should have moved the ironing from behind the door BEFORE taking the photo!
It just feels to me that the top part which is laid out on a piece of wadding and so lying nicely with no gaps, looks like it has stronger warmer colours than the bottom part, which isn't on wadding and so not sitting so well together.  Could it just be because the bottom is nearer the window and so in brighter light which makes the colours look lighter?

I've put some of the stronger reds back in before taking this photo which did make the balance better, but does it look balanced to you, much more experienced quilters?

Let me know, 'cos I really want to start stitching it together!


  1. the colours look balanced to me, but I'm not sure about the value. Try taking a black and white photo and see how it looks. Love the bright happy colours :-D

  2. You could be overthinking it. Sometimes staring at a quilt too long makes you go a bit doolally.

  3. Looks pretty perfect to me x

  4. Yup - what Kelly said - looking PERFECT!!! Great colours Pennie - I love it the way it is!!!

  5. It looks lovely to me. The only thing I noticed is that there are no deep pink/red quarter circles in the far bottom right corner but I don't think that's a problem!

  6. It all looks lovely to me and I'm not just saying it. Sometimes I think with our own projects it's easy to over think them. I do love this!


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