Friday, 30 March 2012

Check me out.....

Following an email from a well-known quilter and designer, I've decided to amend my last post, and this time, even add a photo!  

so here goes....

"I've dyed my hair......

....Tangerine Tango (Pantone colour of 2012) was SO the look I was going for!"

Now this photo doesn't do justice to the full electric glow that it has in real life - which the LMQG ladies will be able to enjoy in all it's glory on Sunday!

It might be wise to bring sunglasses.....


  1. That colour is totally this year, wear it with pride ;-). I may well be joining you with the electric glow as my Mum is dying mine tonight for me.

    1. Great, we can light up the room between us! Trouble is, when seen alongside my March challenge block which I finally did last night, I might be responsible for many anguished calls of 'my eyes, my eyes.....'

  2. I've used the same colour for about 15 years (same as my natural was before going white in my 20s!) but they seem to have stopped making it so when my supply runs out I will have to experiment with different ones. I could have a different colour every meeting!!!!


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