Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I'm back!

Did you miss me?  Or more to the point, did you not even realise I was gone??  We've been on a little sojourn to Cornwall with the dogs, staying in a lovely mobile home, courtesy of our friends, Tony and June just outside Newquay.

The OH has spent the almost-week fishing, while I met up with friends, walked the dogs (I think Daisy's face kind of says it all about how mcuh we enjoyed ourselves!) ate yummy cornish food, bartered for our holiday accommodation with the promise and commencement of making some curtains for our friends' own home, and of course did a bit of my own sewing. 

Now, lovely as our mobile home was, I discovered they are not the best locations for laying out quilt tops!  Having sewn all my circles onto squares, I cut them into quarters, frustratingly stupidly messing up the first one, so I have to make another one now I'm home to replace it. 

I sorted them into colour piles and started trying to put them back into reassembled circles - harder than it sounds!  I managed to find enough off-the-ground space to lay out 3 rows in total, but here's some of them so far - they might change as I get further on, and need to swap out colours or patterns.

It'll be interesting to see how it develops, but I have realised a piece of fleece or wadding hooked up on the sewing room wall is going to be a necessity to get this one finished!  I love the fact that our 3rd bedroom has become a much more glamorous 'sewing room', but can't quite bring myself to call a blanket on the wall a 'design wall' yet!

In other news, I have a new super-hero to worship in the form of Annie from The Village Haberdashery, who not only has a bundle of my original Covet of the Week, but has also tracked down a small supply of my second Covet of the Week!  I'm clearly going to have to try harder with my fabric choice for this week's Covet, or I'll be buying fabric every week!  Then again.....

And lastly, while out buying fabric for June's new curtains, I bought some of this to make curtains for the sewing room so that whenever I'm in there I can look up and be reminded of Cornish holidays.

Ooh, and I have some really exciting news for next Sunday's LMQG meeting....



  1. The circles look great so far. I like the colours you have choosen

    1. Thanks! Hopefully it'll still look great when it's finished....

  2. Quilt is looking fab and I did notice you hadn't posted :). Great news about the fabric, I love Annie's shop. Intrigued about LMQG news - tell tell!!

    1. Nope, not telling till the big day - problem is, it might not live up to it's advance billing now!


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