Thursday, 8 March 2012

In my other life.....

Like many of us, the thing that most gets in the way of my sewing aspirations is the day job!  Interestingly, bearing in mind my distinct preference for modern quilting, in my role as wedding and events manager, with our own catering business, it's all about vintage this year!

So here's the table I had set up on the little Market stall we run on a Thursday in Henley on Thames - see that little runner?  I've had that in my stash for years not knowing what to do with it, as it's really not my thing!  Last night inspiration struck and today we had a bright, colourful vintage-y table runner for our table mock up!


  1. So pretty! You can't beat a bit of vintage :)

  2. This look so lovely and inviting :) Amazing how a bit of 'staging' can really make an item stand out. And yes you are so correct - you can't beat a bit of vintage!


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