Tuesday, 5 June 2012

As promised, more on the FQ Retreat

So I promised to tell you more about the weekend, and the best place to start seems to be with the brilliant name badge made for me by Kelly who is one of my fellow LMQG members. 
As anyone who reads this blog may have noticed I'm a big fan of American Jane's Pezzy Print, and Kelly came up trumps.  There was a great selection on the front, funky tube map fabric for the lanyard and wonderful Melody Millar viewfinders for the backing.

It was perfect and exactly what I would have made (if I'd had the fabric!) and I love it!  I am getting some funny looks wearing it all the time, mind.....

On arrival at the retreat we had to pick a raffle ticket and we were given a goody bag.  Now, I never win at raffles... actually I never win anything - raffles, giveaways, lottery tickets, bets on the horses... - so I nearly didn't even bother leaving the bar for the draw!  I'm so glad I did in the end as I won a jelly roll.
Cosmo Cricket's Salt Air is about to be one of my covet's of the week (yep, it's being dangerously reinstated, so my favourite fabric shop can start stalking my choices and stocking them in time for me to purchase!)so to be able to choose the circa 1934 roll was great.  I can't wait to make something with this, but it's going to be a winter project, and I have a potential recipient in mind for it....

I'll tell you more about the goody bag later - don't want you getting overloaded with jealousy! 

I took 4 classes altogether, and they were all fantastic.  Two were trying something I'd never done before - one of which I really loved and the other I will probably not be trying again.

I made this little pin cushion in the freezer paper piecing class.  It was hand sewn in my beloved pezzy, although it did have a slightly psychedelic effect.  This wasn't my favourite technique to be honest.

In the afternoon however, Aneela had the pleasure of trying to teach me and 34 more competant people, the delights of embroidery.  Reader, I loved it!  I'm so proud of my little robin, and loved the packet of flosses which Cosmo were generous enough to send to Aneela for her willing pupils.  Here's my attempt.... 

Aneela laughed when I told her I intended to make this the central square of a wonky or crazy log cabin cushion with her gorgeous Cherry Christmas range which is featured on her blog today - go and have a look, it's scrummy - Santa's laundry, snowglobes and snowman teapots, roll on July! 

Anyway, it's bedtime now, so Sunday's excitement will have to wait until tomorrow....


  1. Yeah, I think we should organise another sewing day for you to make that cushion, cos we always get lots done ;)

    1. well, I used countdown to christmas, so we've got plenty of time before it needs finished! hee, hee

  2. It was a great opportunity to try new stuff wasn't it? Good job on the raffle win.

  3. oooooh well jel on the saltair roll!!! xxx

  4. Replies
    1. it's funny - I've had as many comments about the brownies as I have about my sewing prowess, hee, hee! Don't forget to place that order for christmas ;-)

  5. Lovely to meet you. Will return for the Sunday round up.

  6. Love your name tag and your class work looks great. I love Cosmo too I have a charm pack of 1934 and Salt Air that I need to decide what to make with!

  7. It was fab meeting you and so pleased you had a good time. I am wanting Aneela's Christmas line too. It is gorgeous!

  8. Love your name tag and well done on the jelly roll win, it was a fab weekend, I can't wait for next year!


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