Thursday, 21 June 2012

Little gems....

There's a few things that have been said to me in blog comments over the past couple of days that have either made me laugh out loud, have brought back memories of happy childhood times and made me realise why I chose a certain covet of the week, or just made me think twice about the simplest things and the way they make other people feel.

So, the first one is Jan's (Isisjem) comment about having a yellow telephone like the one in Melody Miller's Ruby Star Vinyl - it made me remember that we had one too, back in times when I was much younger, still had both mum and dad, and life was very much simpler.  I can even remember the number still, which my dad taught me just in case I ever needed to answer the phone at age 4!  It was Chesterfield 78688, and it was our number till I was 14, by which time life had already changed in a way no child's should.  

Then there was the reaction from Annie about being covet of the week... well, the fabric she stocks rather than her personally!  And a designer yesterday, who I emailed asking if I could use some images of her fabric on a covet post next month, and who told be she was 'excited to be officially coveted'. I'm in awe of these people, and it's amazing to see them being made happy by my little covets!  That's made me smile again.

And then there's Susan (Canadian Abroad) who I exchanged some blog reply emails with yesterday, and who made me laugh out loud and who I hope won't mind me sharing this with you:

Susan: "I just used up my allotment of brain cells in one day which left me buggered for the rest of the week."

Me: "Welcome to my world! Every week's like that in my house! :-)"

Susan: "Someone should put the cells into one of those little pill boxes for me so I can dole them out in equal amounts through the week."

Now, how many of you would like one of these brain cell pill boxes once we get them patented..... 


  1. Oh yeah I want a brain cell pill box only I want the chance to take double doses at certain times and embrace my inner idiot at others and not bother ;-)

  2. Yes please!
    Count me in for a brain cell pill box!!!!


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