Friday, 24 August 2012

A Summersville addiction....

So I think it's time I sought treatment for my Summersville problem.....

Having first not been sure about it, and then having been converted at FQ Retreat, where I bought some fat quarters from Lucie, the lovely Summersville has been sitting on my stash shelf winking at me occasionally while I totally lacked inspiration as to what to do with it.  

At the last LMQG meeting at Tricolette last month, however, I saw it in large quantities and it clicked - bags!  I've already blogged the go anywhere beauty and fabulousness that is the red wallet, and before I went into hospital I had cut out the makings of this Noodlehead tutorial.  

I'd used Scandi in black for the outside and pocket, and the same pattern in orange for the lining, and I had some natural webbing for the strap.

It was a bit of a faff to make, with the grommets, and I certainly realised I should have been much more circumspect with the interfacing - it made the fitting of the grommets a right to-do!  And I discovered I needed to stitch the strap to the bag as well, because unless you make a slouchy (non-interfaced) version, it seems to be too heavy for the grommets to hold it right.

But it's a bit quirky, and I like quirky!  I really like the orange lining!

I think for now I might have made enough bags!

I'm currently washing a new red sheet that I bought to be the backing of the raw circles quilt, and judging by the pink foam amassing in the machine's porthole, pre-washing it was a very good plan!  All I have to decide now is whether to machine or hand quilt it....

I'm linking up with TGIFF on Crafty Shenanigans today.


  1. It's nice, actually. Glad you like it after all the grommeting around!

  2. What a cool bag - Summersville certainly looks fab in everything doesn;t it!!? Oh - and didn't anyone tell you? You can never have too many bags(or shoes)(or fabric)(or chocolate)(or cake)..... THANK YOU for linking up - you rock!

  3. I love the bag, and you can never have too many. I also have a bit of a summersville addiction, I love how its worked on this project.

  4. very cute bag, can a girl have too many? I love lucie's designs - even the sticky tape!

  5. I love the bright pop of orange for the lining!

  6. The more I use this range the more I love it, good choice to make the bag.

  7. It looks great! Nice and roomy :) Thanks for linking up to TGIFF :)

  8. Cute bag. Congrats on the finish

  9. I only briefly saw that bag at the last LMQG meeting and was mightily impressed. It is abs fabs !!


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