Friday, 31 August 2012

August's been a busy month!

I feel a bit of a fraudulent Slow Blogger this month, because I have actually not only done a fair amount of sewing, but also had time to blog stuff, too!  In fact, if I look over my archive, this post makes August the joint top month in number of posts!

However, there are two very good reasons for that - distraction and convalescence!  And I can assure you this mega-activity probably won't last once I'm back to work full time!

Finishes this month include:

  • Sew Stitchy and Cherry Christmas reversible sewing machine cover - see it here
  • Summersville Go Anywhere bag - that's here
  • Summersville wallet - that will be over here
  • Yet another Summersville bag - it's turning into a bit of an addiction, as this post shows - by the way doesn't the lining photo in that post remind you of a shark mouth...?
  • and lastly a project for someone that I can't show you yet as it is destined for big things, but which more than tested my sewing superpowers, but I did win out in the end!

WIP's are mainly my raw circle applique quilt, which is coming along really nicely.  Am loving the colours and enjoying hand quilting the free-style spirals (well, spiral-ish!).  I've given this a plain red backing and I'm thinking of binding it in orange magic beans, but that's yet to be decided.  And then there's my fabulous brown batik challenge that I need to get finished to show my friend Charlotte I can work with anything...

Photo bottom right courtesy of Canoe Ridge Creations

Plans in mind include something interesting to do with the Ruby Star Vinyl records, when I hopefully get some; making a start on my niece's third birthday quilt using the Sew Stitchy panel, some Heather Ross fabrics and whole load of other bits and pieces; joining in the Japanese Charm swap and working out my block and fabric requirements for my bee month in November - I want to do something similar to the block Megan showed on her blog although whether they'll turn out quite so gorgeous remains to be seen!

Lastly, a small matter of a paper pieced block to make before the next LMQG meeting on Sunday - for someone who professes to be a slow blogger, I don't half like leaving things to the last minute!

Linking up with Catherine at Knotted Cotton for the inaugural Slow Bloggers linky party & shamefully doubling up for Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day.


  1. The colour combo in the Pineapple Log Cabin block is gorgeous, I'm sure your Bee blocks will be just as gorgeous.

    1. I can't take credit for that colour combo - I'd be happy with half as lovely as that to be honest!

  2. Hope the convalescence is going well and your month has been a lot more productive than mine. I had to laugh at the slow bloggers thing though. I wanted to cross it out and right 'special bloggers' as it sounds nicer than slow :-)

  3. busy lady! Don't forget the amazing brown batik project ;-)

  4. Wow, what an amazingly successful month! I'm really looking forward to seeing your circles quilt complete with magic beans!

  5. Gorgeous makes! I am bringing
    Photo evidence of my pp stuff as they were presents and I doesn't have them to bring to the meet ;-)

  6. very chop chop busy busy then it seems. Look forward to seeing you on the Japanese charm swap. lok like great fabrics don't they


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