Wednesday, 22 August 2012

WIP learning how to.....

So, I'm home alone today, the other half and the dogs have gone fishing for the day, and I decided I would get started on basting my raw circles quilt and working out how to quilt it.

As any regular readers will know I had surgery a week ago.... I'm supposed to be taking it easy.... I'm also a stubborn, independent and today unsupervised individual, who has just discovered the batting piece she had put aside for the raw circles is short in one corner by a 12 x 6" strip.....

Bother, I thought.... well actually it was another word beginning with B but am trying to keep this civil....

so today I am mostly learning a) how to be a good girl, ignore the screaming car keys and possibility of a short drive to my nearest LQS for a replacement piece of batting which will fit nicely and b) how to best join the batting - whether to add a small strip in the corner, or cut the piece down the middle and rejoin it with one piece turned through 90 degrees so it fits better.  

Anyone..... ??? 

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  1. Good question. I would be more likely to cut it so it is straight and add a whole new strip, avoiding a 90* angle which could go wonky...

    And now I can yell at you for even thinking of going out you silly girl! You behave!!! ;)

  2. Ditto - best to have one long seam! Wanna give that gorgeous quilt the best chance! :)

  3. I absolutely love the look of that quilt, and I do hope you feel better soon. You have also solved a huge dilemma for me... I recently used a free tutorial and completely forgot where I'd got it from, which is an issue in wanting to make sure I credit it on my blog. Just saw Cluck Cluck Sew on your side bar and remembered that's where it was! Thanks for that ;-)

  4. Your circle quilt is great, take care of yourself, I know it's hard!! Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday.


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