Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I will survive......

Thanks to everyone for your messages, get well cards and even gifts of fabric to make sure I keep myself entertained and away from work whilst recovery goes on.  I'm happy to say that less than a week after the surgery, I'm off pain meds, well enough to take the dogs for a short walk yesterday and today have been to the pub for lunch.  I'm still taking it easy the rest of the time, but am hoping to go back to work for a few hours on Thursday - strictly desk duties only!  If only I felt fit to drive, I'd head off to meet the rest of the LMQG this evening who are lucky enough to be having dinner with Tula Pink!  However, as I said, less than a week..... 

Charlotte and Amy came to see me on Sunday so my other half could have a break from the onerous task of nursing me (?!?).  We didn't even pretend we were going to do any sewing, and just sat around stroking the dogs and gossiping!  Amy made us some lovely leek and potato soup - with 'homemade potatoes'.  And a fantastic lemon cake, which was delicious.  

Charlotte brought me gifts picked up from the Festival of Quilts - a glorious brown batik, my love for which is well known (not!) with the challenge to make something beautiful from it, and a more lovely gift of tape measures and spotty fabrics.  I can't wait till the other half actually puts the ironing board up for me, like I've been asking for 2 days, so I can get on with some sewing.  I have an idea of what to do with that batik......


  1. Glad to hear you're dong well - don't over do it. Would be lovely if you could make it tonight. I was lucky to have a lot of fabric stroking and gossip at FoQ with Amy and Shevvy on Saturday.

  2. I saw that brown fabric and think I declared it to be fuffing rank!! Good luck with making it pretty ;-)

  3. I am deeply hurt that you didn't take a picture of the glorious brown fabric. DEEPLY hurt.

    1. Oh, I did..... Sadly I can't copy and paste it into this reply - I did try!!! :-)


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