Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I'm a bit cross with myself.....

I offered to make a project for someone using a panel of a certain new line.  I happily told the someone I needed only 1 panel....

well, it turns out if you want to fussy cut said panel to make my chosen project, you need a lot more than 1...

Never mind I thought, the panel is actually in 9 sections, if I cut it here, here and here I can restitch it back together in a way it'll work in a fussy cut kind of way.

So I cut into 3 sections one way, then found out the flippin' pattern isn't printed straight onto the grain, and so it can't be cut into the number of sections I first thought.  There's an inch difference from side to side.  How annoying is that?!

Bloody annoying, let me tell you.  So now I am off to research a new project I can use the cut fabric to make.



  1. Arse! I will have a look in the morning too x

  2. Grrrr - that sucks. What about still using it for said pattern but add some Kona solids?


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