Thursday, 27 September 2012

Been thinking....

I know, I know, it's dangerous, I'm not normally allowed to think....  And maybe the bit of thinking I did today wasn't such a good plan.  But Lynne at Lily's quilts got me pondering.  

I've had a shabby, almost but not quite, totally unprofessional blog header since I started.

So I thought I'd try a revamped header, but now I've done it, I'm not sure.  

What do we think?  Should it be logo only or logo + photos?  

Is the font right for the tone of the blog - I suspect it's not quite informal enough.  

I might have more playing to do yet, but I'm off on hols on Saturday, so I might change it again tomorrow, or I might leave it till I get home.

All feedback, same as Lynne, honest rather than kind please, will be very much appreciated!


  1. I like this new version - the photos of the quilts are in focus and are gorgeous!!!!! Makes me want to re-do mine now too (my plaid quit isn't in focus).

  2. I prefer this to the old one, but I'm not sure about the big white space around the blog name. The font is fab :-D

  3. To be honest, I hardly ever look at the blog layout. Using google reader means you done see it and it is only when I click through to comment (which happens rarely at the moment) that I see the blog. On the phone you don't see much anyway!
    Saying all that, I like what you've done....

  4. I like it. the font size could be a wee bit bigger or change the size of the images either side as the blog name looks a little lost

  5. I love it! Can you make the name a bit bigger?xx

  6. I like it - it wouldn't hurt to make the font size a bit bigger. I like the combo of project photos and header. I honestly can't remember what you had before so it didn't make a 'big' impression on me either way. Where as I noticed straight away when Lynne changed hers. I don't think it has to be formal - I think you've picked a great font. It should reflect how you want your blog to be. :-)

  7. I am assuming you have changed up all the things the others have mentioned because it looks lovely now x


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