Sunday, 16 September 2012

Hushaby baby

Today I finally got chance to tidy the sewing room - believe me it needed it!  (A couple of weeks ago as I was getting ready for the latest LMQG meeting I remembered I was meant to be taking some 5" charms to swap and I had a charm pack in mind to pull them from  - but could I find it???  I found it today behind some other fabric having fallen down the back of the shelving!)

Anyway, I digress.....

About 6 haircuts ago, I changed hairdresser.  As we were discussing at Aneela's embroidery class yesterday, I'm frightened of hairdressers.  I confessed this at my first consultation with Brett, and he made it his mission to make me not worry any more.  Since he started cutting it, I've had more compliments about my hair than I've ever had, so when he and his partner had their first daughter, about 9 weeks ago now, I decided I would make a little something.  

I had a charm pack of Freebird by MoMo and another of Chrysalis by Sanae, both for Moda, both with butterflies and flowers and similar colours.  As they are such lovely bright colours, I thought they'd be perfect for a baby quilt.  So this afternoon I got a simple patchwork top pieced, and made a scrappy solids binding in the main quilt colours.  I'm going to back it with yellow magic beans, I think.

Then I just have to hope they went with modern funky colours and not traditional pink!

(I also realised I seriously need a new camera, and can't keep taking blog shots with my mobile phone!)


  1. Funky colours are so much better, so they will love it. Di x

  2. You are a lovely and kind person Pennie (with a fab haircut I may add)! Your hairdresser and their baby will love it :)

  3. If you find a good hairdresser you have to hang on to him:-)

    I'm sure they will love it!

  4. Cool quilt - I am sure they are going to love it xx

  5. Yep this is lovely! I'm working on a baby quilt at the moment - a bit more pink though :-)


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