Friday, 21 September 2012

Positive thoughts please...

Those of you who know me personally, or who read my post linked to the FQ Retreat introductions thread, will know I have two spaniels, who are unashamedly child substitutes! 

 Those of you who know me on flickr might now have a lightbulb moment when I say they are called Bella and Daisy... And they are gorgeous and have got us through a lot of difficult times this year.

Bella,  is not remotely interested in my sewing, she ignores it as much as possible, however Daisy likes to 'help'.  It's tricky for her because she doesn't like the sewing machine, so she settles down just outside the sewing room door.  But she does like to help when I'm laying stuff out on the spare bed...

However, and this is the purpose of today's post, we also have one of these:

This is Bruno, he rules the dogs with an iron paw, and he likes sleeping in odd places - the linen basket, the bathroom sink, a teatowel on top of the fridge, and any of my fabric that he can get on!  

But he's poorly sick, and seeing this photo this morning has made me realise just how sick he is - he's about half this size now.  He has a couple of odd lumps and has lost so much weight and today he goes to the vet for blood tests and biopsys, and probably an x-ray of his abdomen to see if there are any other lumps.  I'm hoping everything is going to be OK, but I'm not confident we're in for good news.  He has to be anaesthetised  for the tests, so he's been starved since 9pm, and normally by now he'd be battering down the door for breakfast, but he's fast asleep on the spare bed.  

So, please give us a little positive thought today, keep a couple of fingers crossed, or if you can spare them, cross all those fingers and toes, and hope for the best.

ETA: Thanks for everyone's good wishes.  

OK, so Bruno is now home, but he's had an eventful day, with an extreme reaction to the anaesthetic - he basically struggled to breathe and went very pale.  In order to save him they had to give the injectable reversal drug immediately.  So this meant they got the blood samples they needed, but couldn't do full biopsies, only needle aspirations.  

We have to hope now that they got enough to get some definitive answers, because the vet is still stumped.  It's possible his reaction to the sedative was linked with his unexplained fits, and he's struggling to know where he is tonight, which often happens after his fits so that makes sense.  He hasn't had a fit for 2 years so we thought that was something he'd recovered from, and he's only ever had 1 op, when he was a baby before the epilepsy started. 

We're no closer to knowing what's wrong till next week, but we are now just praying he doesn't need an op, as apart from further astronomical vet fees, it doesn't look hopeful that he'd survive a deeper anaesthetic.


  1. Everything is crossed and I am beaming every possible positive thought your way.

  2. Do hope Bruno is ok, x

  3. Poor Bruno. I hope that he is ok. Di x

  4. a little update - I've had a call from the vet to say that Bruno is awake..... but they haven't told me any more than that and I have an appointment to collect him at 4.50pm...

  5. Sorry to hear your cat is unwell, hope the news is ok x

  6. Awwww - I have my fingers crossed Pennie x

  7. Aw sorry to hear your news. Fingers and toes crossed the vet can get to the bottom of things without invasive procedures xx

  8. Sending all the positive thoughts I can. Hope Bruno is well soon. x


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